Hello there!

My name is Jessica, I am twenty-something and I love all things books and beauty related. This blog will be a mix of these things – I am going to use it to record my opinion on products and books so that in years to come, I can look back and remember what I thought of them. Or you know, six months’ time when I almost repurchase an item and use it to remind myself how much I hated it. Or loved it.

Therefore, this blog is going to contain a few different things so it may seem a little random at times. I will try to keep to the beauty/books theme but I do plan to go into book publishing related posts as well because I have experience in it and would love to pass on some advice to people who are looking to go into book publishing or wanting to get a book published. I’m also a huge animal lover so I will be sharing a few pictures… I also love baking so expect something about that to make an appearance. I won’t have a completely set schedule yet as I want to let this grow organically and get me used to writing it before I really start structuring things but I will plan to post at least once a week (lets say Monday).

Before I ramble on too much, I will just start. I am going to begin with a classic: favourites. Favourites of 2015 (no it’s not too late). Both books and beauty related.  I am by no means an expert so these are just my personal opinions.

Let’s begin!


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