Beauty Favourites – 2015

As I mentioned in my introductory blog post yesterday, I want to start off with my 2015 beauty favourites! Just a quick note: these aren’t products that came out in 2015, just ones that I loved this year. I am being quite strict, so these are products that I either use every day or every time I do that sort of look. Products I’d highly recommend above all others.

2015 was the year when I really started to get into YouTube beauty vlogs. I have always loved makeup and have been rocking the smoky eye looks for years, but 2015 was when I really started to embrace trends and follow the industry seriously. I asked for quite a bit of makeup for Christmas so I’ve started to play around with this and I think that 2016 is going to be such an exciting year for beauty.


Urban Decay Vice 3

What you’ll come to learn about me is I do love me some Urban Decay. It was the first real bit of make-up that I had, the first palette that I ever owned and my collection has been slowly growing as the years have gone on. I have had my eye on the Naked Smoky Palette for quite some time now but I am trying to branch out into other palettes. So far I haven’t found any brands that have such brilliant pigmentation, colour range and lasting quite as well. Also, compared to some other high-end brands, you do seem to get more value for money – more shadows for the price. Anyway, this palette became something I used nearly daily in 2015. I would like to particular draw attention to the nude colours – they’re great as transition and crease shades. The makeup bag I got the palette with is also my daily makeup bag.

Bourjois rouge edition velvet liquid lipstick in Nude-ist

The formula for this is absolutely wonderful. I have really got into matte lips this year and this one was absolutely fantastic. It glides on perfectly, the colour is beautiful and is absolutely not drying at all. Once it’s on your lips it doesn’t really transfer either and I really like that. I tend to worry at my lips a lot so lipsticks don’t tend to last very long on me, but it doesn’t bunch or flake off, which is great. I really want to pick up more – and would love for them to expand their colour range.


LAGirl Pro Concealer

Jackie Aina from YouTube recommended this and when I spotted it in Beauty Base I had to pick it up! I thought I would have to go to America to pick this up as I live in the UK, so I was delighted to spot it. I love the fact they have such a wide range of colours and it is really good and thick. I like to use it under my eyes and around my nose – my friend tried it and used it as a high coverage foundation so it’s nice and heavy duty and can be used to cover your entire face. I am in two minds about the applicator – I feel like I have to really squeeze to get the product out and I don’t see the point in the brush because I am hardly going to use that to blend anything.

Pro Conceal v2 final

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

I think everyone on here has used this at some point. I’ve really got into using it this year – great for covering up any red marks. Usually, I use the LAGirl concealer for my eyes nose and then I use this for spots and red marks. Works really well when patted in with a finger and then set with a little powder. So many people rave about this so I’m not going to go into too much depth. Just a great product and so cheap! It is ALWAYS sold out in shops so I am planning to stock up next time I place an online order. You can also see that the labels have come off because I’ve used it so much!

Collection Concealer2

Urban Decay eyeshadow– Sellout

This has been my favourite eyeshadow for so many years and I need to mention it here. This is the only single eyeshadow from Urban Decay that I’ll actively buy without even considering the price. It’s a beautiful shimmery champagne colour – I used it all up in my Urban Decay palette – and used to be the colour I’d put all over my lid every single day. I am not kidding. I try to branch out now but if I am in a rush and need something to glam me up a little, this will get thrown on with a little black eyeliner and mascara and I’m ready to go! It’s the perfect colour to me – and this year I’ve also been using it as a stunning, intense highlighter. Beautiful. If I could only have one colour eyeshadow for the rest of my life, this would be it. My picture does not do it justice.

Maybelline EyeStudio Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Eyeshadow in Creme De Nude

What can I say about this? It has replaced my Urban Decay primer potion and makes my makeup last all day. As I have quite dry skin I do find my makeup lasts quite well anyway but I have found that my eyeshadow does sometimes crease and transfer – it never does with my Maybelline colour tattoo. I use this every time I use eyeshadow and wouldn’t be without it – even when I went abroad, this came with me. I usually work up central London and don’t like touching up my makeup during the day – and with this, my eyeshadow remains on my eyes all day long. Brilliant.

I only have one colour at the moment – one that is closest to my skin tone.

I can find that they can be a little patchy so I wouldn’t wear this on its own, but as a base for eyeshadow, this one does the trick!

Colour Tattoo Swatch copy

Nivea Aftershave Balm

Like the rest of the internet, I have to give this a mention. What a brilliant primer! Even my highlighter stays on with this and as I mentioned above, I like my makeup to stay on my face all day long. It does make you smell like a man for a moment but the smell soon fades. It’s so cheap too. I’m tempted to try some other brands and see how they work as well.

Nivea copy

Sleek Highlighting Palette in Solstice

What can I say about this? It is everything I have ever wanted in a highlighter. I am desperate to find a Becca highlighter in a shop to try it out but this is what I imagine the Becca highlighters to look like. These are so intense I have to be so careful not to overdo it. They blend beautifully and look absolutely wonderful on the skin. Whenever I want to look glowing, I immediately reach for this! I haven’t got the best camera so the swatch doesn’t really do it justice.

This was from their Christmas collection but I am sure you’ll still be able to get them online. The packaging is also so beautiful and makes them stand out from the rest of my sleek palettes.


Bedhead Foxy Curls

This product smells delicious! I love this entire range purely because of the smell. I have very curly hair and I love to use this on top of the mousse and everything else that I pile on my hair to try and make it manageable. It doesn’t weight it down or make it sticky and I’ll repeat – it smells so good!

bed head copy

Schwarzkopf Professional Silhouette Super Hold Mousse

This is a staple product for me and my mum as we both have very curly hair! My mum is also a hairdresser, so I trust her opinion on this. 

I really should branch out and try other products but when one does the job so well, why should I try something else? You can also get the biggest bottles that last for ages, so it’s not something I have to spend too much time thinking about. It can make your hair a little crunchy, but if you don’t mind it you’ll love it! It’s not sticky and doesn’t make your hair feel clogged up or greasy.

mousse copy


The Body Shop Vitamin C

This product also smells delicious, so that is a huge plus for me. I have repurchased this item many, many times now and I wish they brought out a larger version of this! It makes your skin so soft and so smooth, I absolutely love it. I also use this as a primer as it completely smooths the skin out and makes makeup application easy – the makeup glides on and stays put. I love this product and will continue to repurchase this for as long as I can.

Vitamin C copy

So there it is! Some of my favourite products from 2015. Let me know your thoughts and what products you loved in 2015. I’m always looking for new products to test out so let me know your thoughts. I’m really interested in trying some new foundations.

I am also planning a book post – my favourite books from 2015 – but that might take slightly longer as I’m writing a mini review for each book.

Thanks for reading!


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