Sanctuary Spa Cleansing Butter Balm

Has anyone else used this product? I usually use The Body Shop chamomile balm to remove all of my makeup but I wanted to try something else.

I really like the smell, it’s feels thick and luxurious on the skin but when I tried to remove my eye makeup it burned.

I don’t want to invest in yet another product to use on my eyes, so I may have to pass this product on. Which is a shame as it smells so lovely. Kind of like the Soap and Glory Hot Cloth Cleanser. They both smell like lavender, which I love.

Does anyone have any recommendations for good cleansing balms that won’t try to burn my eyes out of my skull?


2 thoughts on “Sanctuary Spa Cleansing Butter Balm

  1. I usually use simple cleansing wipes to remove my makeup, they’re really gentle on your skin. I too get sore eyes from certain products so have to be really careful with what I use. They have quite a good range of products too, like soaps and facial gels, not too bad for price either.

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