Introducing my kitten, Lou Lou

Just to finish off the week I thought I’d share a couple of picture of my gorgeous kitten, Lou Lou. She’s about 5 months old now and has a medium-long fur. She has the most beautiful, fluffy tail.

I’m sure I’ll be sharing some more pictures of her along with my other pets – I also have a dog called Alfie and a black cat called Lily. Alfie and Lou Lou are constantly playing so I really want to catch that on film to share here. I love seeing animal pictures so I thought a few people out here might like to see her too.

A little bit about her: she’s not what you’d call a nice neat little kitten. She has longish fur so can look a little scruffy sometimes because of it. She loves her food so much that her front paws will usually be in the bowl and her nose always has food on it from where she shoves her face right in in the food. She has her mad moments, as you’d expect from a kitten and can often be found leaping on our Jack Russell dog, who is surprisingly gentle with her.

Let me know what you think of her and if you’d like me to share more pictures!


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