Trying to rock a greige lip

I coveted the greige liquid lipstick ‘Ghoulish’ from La Splash for MONTHS and I eventually got it as a present.

However, it made me look slightly dead. Over time, I’ve tried different eye looks to try and lift the look and make me look slightly more alive. I came up with this look – what do you think? Does it work? I’m not too sure.

I’m usually one to wear a much warmer lip, so this was something very different for me. I also used my sleek blush which is a dupe for the famous Nars Orgasm, but I don’t think you can see it very well here.


The main colour used on my eye is the shade ‘mermaid’ by NYX. A beautiful shadow, although I found it took a bit more work to get the full pigmentation out of it.

Just thought I’d share it with you – please share your tips on how to wear a greige lip! I’d love to make it work for me and I will keep trying different looks.


So I’m back.

It’s been a while. I’ve been going through some stuff, but I want to start getting back into this again. This isn’t going to be a review or a haul or anything like that. Not today. Today, I’m just going to talk.

For a while, I stopped buying products – makeup etc. I tried to save money so since the beginning of the year, I’ve been really frugal and have bought barely anything unless it’s been necessary. However – my birthday is coming up, so I’ll be doing a few posts about that soon – and I also did my first ever shop at ColourPop online! It’ll be arriving in about a month – so I’ll post about that. Perhaps I’ll collect the few things I have bought – a new foundation, a couple of lipsticks – and talk about them.

I also want to start talking about books on this as well – but looking back at the books I’ve read this year, none have really wowed me. Which is a real shame, actually. I’m always on the hunt for new books – I’ve been going through a real YA kick so any recommendations would be appreciated. Sadly, I am way behind on my target. My aim is 100 books this year (I read 102 last year) but so far I’ve only managed 29 books since January. Which, considering I’ve gone on some major reading slumps during this time, isn’t the worst. But still… any recommendations?

I’m not sure where I’m really going with this post really. See this more as me trying to transition back into writing again. Because I haven’t been doing much of that recently. I know this hasn’t been the most prolific blog anyway, but I have so many ideas for this blog, I want to get motivated to start writing again. So I might just start posting little talky things every now and then – just to get back to it. Just so that there’s something out there – so I feel like I’m still doing something.

I’ve missed this.

Stay tuned.