Said goodbye to this gorgeous ‘heart and soul’ cleanser from 3107 the other day.

What a beautiful balm!

It’s quite thick but just melts into the skin without feeling heavy or leaving any oily residue. It gives me a really deep clean but it is also intensely nourishing, with only the best ingredients. Includes uplifting lemongrass and geranium, along with jojoba oil and shea butter to moisturise and other great ingredients.

Love to leave this on as a mask as well. It has a texture quite similar to the Pixi one. It leaves my face nice and cleaned but also moisturised… it feels like a waste to use this as a first cleanse to simply remove my makeup. It’s so much more than just your average makeup cleanser. This might even be beating my love for the luxurious Elemis cleanser.

There’s a fab story behind the brand too, founded by the fabulous Dijja.

You can buy her balm on her website here. At the moment, she only has two products – this balm and her ‘My Everything’ face oil.

What are your favourite cleansing balms? I love trying new ones!


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