My cleansing balm ‘Lust List’

Once again, I am here with another review that I’ve published elsewhere, As I work for this brand, I feel bad writing anything just for my own personal blog without also publishing it on Wow… so for the moment, the majority of my beauty related posts will be previewed here, but the full post will be over there. Still want to keep this blog somewhat updated though. So here we go!

I think we’re all looking for the best thing to cleanse our skin. As someone who usually applies a full face of make up every day, I am always looking for products that will get rid of every trace of make-up, leaving my skin feeling clean and soft. I have quite dry skin so I’m always looking for something that won’t dry me out, but I am also prone to redness so I don’t want to cause any irritation. Here are some  cleansing balms that I have been loving recently.

I have looked at two types of cleansing balms here. The first two are massaged into the skin and then turn into a more milky substance when water is added, gently dissolving away the dirt. The other three are hot cloth cleansers and are followed up with a hot (although not too hot of course) cloth to exfoliate the skin, lifting away dead skin cells and leaving the skin soft and clear. I like to do the ‘double cleanse’ method – using one cleanser to remove the make-up and then going in with a second to really clean and treat the skin.

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